Friday, July 1, 2011

What do you think about a Special Blog Week?

Quick question to everyone out there... I've seen that some blogs will have a special blog event/party week thing where there's a special post each day. I was thinking about doing something like that (not any time soon since I'm busy with the Period Drama Film Tournament, but maybe sometime after). If you have a moment, if you could fill out these questions, I would be grateful...
  1. Would you be interested in participating in an event like this on your blog (Post button, follow the days/posts (as best as you can))?
  2. I have an idea picked out, but if that idea is successful, what other ideas for a theme would you suggest? (I won't promise to use every idea, but I'll definitely consider it)
  3. What kinds of things would you like to post about (i.e. list of questions/answers, pictures)?
  4. Would you prefer having the entire list of plans for each day of the week or would you like to be surprised each day?
  5. NEW QUESTION 4/2/11: Would you prefer a seven day event (one short daily post for seven days) or would you prefer one longer post?

 God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. 1) Yes, definitely!

    2) I have no idea, sorry.

    3) List of questions/answers, I think.

    4) Either is fine with me, but having the list ahead of time might make things easier for people with busy schedules - they could write more than one in a day if necessary, and post at different times.

  2. Questions!

    1: Yes, I would be interested in doing it! Well...provided it's something that interests me, and provided it's not a week when I'm teaching.

    2: This idea might require your spending money...and I'm not sure how other bloggers would participate. But have a week of book giveaways. Include a review and a giveaway of 5-7 books. I'm thinking classic books (Little Women, Jane Austen's, other favorite books) but you could do recently published ones. Or you could try and get multiple blogs involved, and have each one post a giveaway and review. One per day. As in...okay. So you get four to six other bloggers in with you. You choose a theme (1800's, recently published, etc). Each blog has a day on which the author posts a review of a book and a giveaway. The other three to five bloggers also post on the days when they don't have a giveaway, "advertising" the others blogs/giveaways/reviews. Make any sense? :P This is totally typing as I think.
    Having just seen Mimic of Modes' could just do some sort of tag. I don't know.

    3: Pictures I would love to do. I'm an avid photographer. Anything book related. Questions, I love answering. Obviously. ;) Or you could do a combination. Have one day where everyone participating posts pictures, another day when they post some questions, or whatever. Just have them all sign up here. Let's see...I know there are things for that. Where they put in their names and then they show up with a link. (Makes no sense I know :P) Or you could have them leave comments with links, which you could then put into posts. Oh dear, I feel terribly unclear and it's driving me nuts.

    4: I love this kind of surprises, but at the same time I agree with Mimic of Modes, in that for people who are busy, it would be easier to know what's up ahead of time.

    My apologies for the long comment...I'm making up for previous short ones. ;)

  3. 1. I would love to participate in something like this! So long as I actually know something on the subject to be able to write about it. :)

    2. I am unable to think of any ideas at the moment.

    3. I like questions, and perhaps a topic to write about, giving your opinion and reading other's opinions. Pictures I might like.

    4.I would like to be able to plan. It would just help me be able to plan what to post easier.

  4. 1) Yes, absolutely! I might not be able to post every day but I would certainly make an effort to :)

    2) Anything, I'm not too fussy. As long as it's something I'm interested in/feel I can write about, I'll be happy to participate.

    3) Questions/answers I think.

    4) I agree with those above: while I like surprises, I take ages to put together and edit blog posts, so I'd probably like to know in advance :)

    5) Maybe somewhere in between? I'd like to do more than one post, but posting every day might be a bit of a struggle for me.

    This sounds so exciting: I can't wait to hear what ideas you have lined up :)


  5. 5: Oooo, hard. Okay. Typing as I think...again. ;) Long post would perhaps be easier for busy bloggers. Then again, they might shy away from length. Also, having shorter posts would draw it out more. Shorter daily posts...again, could make people leave on account of the daily...maybe you could just ask people to do whichever daily posts they were ablt to/interested in. Hmmmm...either thing could be good.

    I haven't mentioned lately...but it makes me happy every time I see my buttons on your side bar. :) Thanks so much for the publicity!


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