Friday, July 15, 2011

Original Manuscript of Jane Austen's The Watsons Sold

My dad sent me this article yesterday.

Secret bidder nabs Jane Austen manuscript for $1.6 million

Portrait of Austen (Thinkstock)
An unfinished, handwritten manuscript penned by Jane Austen has just sold for more than three times its expected price at a Sotheby's auction, fetching a whopping $1.6 million from an unknown buyer over the telephone.
Entitled The Watsons, it is the only handwritten Austen manuscript still in private hands. No original manuscripts exist of her six finished works, making The Watsons all the more unique and valuable to Austen fans.


It's sad that none of the original manuscripts from her finished novel exists. Later in the article, it says: "Some speculate that she never finished The Watsons because its story hit too close to home: the novel's heroine is worried her ill clergyman father will die and leave the family penniless, which happened to Austen in real life only one year later."

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

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  1. Oh, this is fascinating news! I love it! I wonder how many years will go by until we hear about this again... perhaps it will finally be published as is and Austen fans can fill in their own thoughts of an appropriate ending!


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