Monday, June 20, 2011

Sneak Peek of Film Tournament #3!

The last of the sneak peeks! The Period Drama Film Tournament will be upon us soon! So, the last contestant that I will reveal will be...

He Knew He Was Right (2004)!

He Knew He Was Right focuses on the marriage of Louis and Emily Trevelyan. For their first year of marriage, the couple has a son and a happy life. When Colonel Osbourne, Emily's godfather, pays her visits very often, Louis suspects that Emily is cheating on him with Colonel Osbourne. Other subplots include the romance between Nora Rowley, Emily's sister, and Hugh Stanbury, Louis's best friend, the comical vicar Mr. Gibson and two dueling sisters who fight over him, Hugh's sister, Dorothy, staying with her Aunt Stanbury, among others.


Part 1 of He Knew He Was Right

Head over to Old-Fashioned Charm to see what Miss Laurie's Sneak Peek is! This is the last sneak peek! The tournament will be starting on June 22, which is two days from now! Are you excited?


  1. Am I excited? Definitely! Looking forward to it!

  2. You bet I'm excited!!!!

    Oh, a question: are these sneak peaks the only ones that will have links to reviews?


  3. Melody,
    These won't be the only reviews. Miss Laurie is going to have a page on Old-Fashioned Charm with all the films and links to the reviews.

    -Miss Elizabeth Bennet


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