Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Period Drama Film Tournament: Round 1

The Period Drama Film Tournament has begun! Here are the polls that you will find at Elegance of Fashion.
Poll 1
Sense and Sensibility (1995)
The King's Speech (2010)

Poll 2
Jane Eyre (2006)
Ever After (1998)

Poll 3
Bleak House (2005)
Amazing Grace (2006)

Poll 4
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)
Downton Abbey (2010)

Poll 5
Becoming Jane (2007)
Persuasion (2007)
Poll 6
Lark Rise to Candleford (2008 - 2011)
Little Dorrit (2008)

Poll 7
The Woman in White (1998)
The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

Poll 8
Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
The House of Eliott (1991 - 1994)

Poll 9
Pride and Prejudice (1995)
The Lost Prince (2003)

Poll 10
The Moonstone (1997)
Jane Eyre (1983)
Poll 11
Upstairs Downstairs (2010)
Emma (1997)

Poll 12
He Knew He Was Right (2004)
Anne of Green Gables (1985)

Poll 13
Great Expectations (1999)
The Inheritance (1997)

Poll 14
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1995)
Our Mutual Friend (1998)
Poll 15
Daniel Deronda (2002)
Ivanhoe (1997)

Once you've voted for these poll, head over to Old-Fashioned Charm to vote in the rest of the polls! Here are the polls you will find over there!

Poll 16
Middlemarch (1994)
Mansfield Park (1983)

 Poll 17
David Copperfield (2000)
Miss Potter (2006)

Poll 18 
Little Women (1994)
Cranford (2007/2009)

 Poll 19
Under the Greenwood Tree (2005)
 Sense and Sensibility (2008)

 Poll 20
The Barchester Chronicles (1982)
Miss Austen Regrets (2008)

Poll 21 
Northanger Abbey (2007)
Persuasion (1995)

Poll 22 
North and South (2004)
The Young Visitors (2003)

Poll 23 
Emma (2009)
Ballet Shoes (2007)

 Poll 24
Wives and Daughters (1999)
Victoria and Albert (2001)

 Poll 25
The Young Victoria (2009)
Lorna Doone (2000)

Poll 26 
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Emma (1996)

 Poll 27
The Old Curiosity Shop (2007)
Far From the Madding Crowd (1998)

Poll 28 
The Way We Live Now (2001)
Silas Marner (1985)

 Poll 29
The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003)
Mansfield Park (2007)

 Poll 30
Oliver Twist (2009)
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (2008)

Go and vote! You only have one week!

God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Ooh! The period drama tournament is up! The hardest poll to vote on is probably the first one. I like both Sense and Sensibility and The King's Speech!

  2. This is unbelievably fun!! ;-)

    1: S&S
    I suppose I can't comment on all of these...there are too I'll just do some. :P
    3:Bleak House
    5: PERSUASION!!!
    6: Little Dorrit! Definitely.
    7: I'll have to wait & read the reviews.
    10: That's hard. But I'll go for The Moonstone.
    11: Emma!
    12: I just started watching HKHWR, and I'm sure I like Anne better.
    13: The Inheritance. I thought Great Expectations was rather depressing.
    14 & 15: I'll have to read the reviews.

    So much for not commenting much.
    Now I go over to Old-Fashioned Charm. This is fun!!

    (I guess I'll have to keep checking back since I can't subscribe!)

  3. I will comment about these ones here, and the others there. :) If that makes ANY sense...

    S&S against King's Speech? They're such different movies, it's hard to compare them. Let's go with S&S.

    Haven't seen either of the ones in the second poll.

    Or the third poll, but I'm going for Amazing Grace because I have a friend who really likes it, and I know some of the actors. Not in person, of course. ;)

    Scarlet Pimpernel. Haven't seen DA, but SP is one of my all time favs.

    I don't think I've seen any of the movies in polls 5 and 6 either. But I'll go for Persuasion (because it's a good story) and Little Dorrit (again, my friends love it [soon, this fall, I'll see it!]).

    The Woman In White...never even heard of it! But I really enjoyed The Importance of Being Earnest. There's a review of it on my blog somewhere.

    More that I haven't seen in poll 9...

    Wow. That other movie has no chance against P&P. I hope.

    Then Jane Eyre. A pretty good one, that.

    I know I've seen the 1997 Emma, so I'm voting for it. But it's been a while.

    Anne of Green Gables. I don't love it, and the sequels aren't great, but it's okay.

    Poll 13 (Great E and The Inher...) is full of movies I want to see! Especially GE.

    I went for Ivanhoe...I appear outnumbered. :P Oh well.

    Okay, the rest of this is at OFC. :)

  4. I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments here! I am so excited to see the results when I come back from my trip! Yay!

    Charity, your review of The Importance of Being Earnest is linked in our reviews post. That's one of my favorite movies!

    ~Miss Laurie :)

  5. I'll be looking back and forth between Elegance of Fashion and Old-Fashioned Charm for questions, so if you have any questions, you can leave it either here or at Old-Fashioned Charm and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. It also looks like Blogger won't let me sign in to comment as me.

    Jemimah C,
    I know! I still haven't voted in the first poll! I really liked both Sense and Sensibility and The King's Speech!

    I'm glad you're having fun! For He Knew He Was Right, I enjoyed it, but I found the subplots to be more entertaining than the main plot (the main plot was quite sad, but the subplots were either funny or sweet for the most part). I've seen Daniel Deronda: the costumes were good, but I didn't care for the story much (it did have some actors/actresses from other period dramas, Romola Garai (Emma in Emma (2009)) most notably). My Blogger has been acting odd too; I keep having to comment as either anonymous or under the name/url setting. Oh well...

    I've seen that Persuasion (but a long time ago; I'll probably need to rewatch it before I review it), but I think that it was okay. I really liked Little Dorrit: there are a couple of scenes that I would skip over, but overall I really enjoyed it! (Plus, there are a lot of actors/actresses from other period dramas that you might recognize (both John and Fanny Dashwood from S&S 1995 are in there)).

    Miss Laurie,
    Have a great trip! I'll watch over the comments at Old-Fashioned Charm while you're away.

    ~Miss Elizabeth Bennet

  6. Ohh these ones are just as hard! I wish I didn't love quite so many period films, well actually thats not true but it would sure make voting in this tournament easier!
    I thought poll 5 was really hard. I hate and love parts in both of them- leaving them equal in my opinion...I eventually went with Becoming Jane considering the amount of running Anne does in Persuasion - that scene exhausts me just by watching it, not to mention I can't stop laughing at it :)

  7. Miss Bennet,
    Yes it was sad...but I was enjoying it. The costumes and hair are very nice. :) That old aunt makes me laugh...the one who can't stand false hair...haha! She's so unpredictable!!
    I watched about 1 and 1/2 episodes with my sister, and I'm hoping to watch more soon...(we were watching it on youtube)

    You haven't seen that Persuasion? How sad! I'll be reviewing them all...when I'm done with the book. Right now I'm doing Mansfield Park. :)
    I can't wait to read what you think of Little Dorrit whenever you get to see it! :)



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