Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Big Changes Have Come! And 200th Post!

At long last! The Big Changes! What is new? The Layout, the pages at the top, some goodies! Would you like to take a tour of it? Here are the major changes.

Front Page
Before: One big, blended header at the top of the page featuring different period dramas around in a circle and in the middle "Elegance of Fashion" is in front of a picture of Pemberly from Pride and Prejudice. At first, there was one side bar with polls, poll results, lables (all jumbled together), blog buttons, and other miscellaneous things. A second side bar was added for tournaments. The background featured a scene from Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth was touring Derbyshire with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. At the bottom was an award that I won for having a "Stylish Blog".

New Header!

Now: A not so blended banner hangs at the top of the page featuring many heroines from different period dramas. The Background is a picture of the castle that was used for Downton Abbey (considering the breathtaking photography, it makes a great addition). The links to the different pages are not at the left side bar. The Side Bars have been rearranged to hold different "sections" in them. The lables are not longer jumbled at the side bar but are now neatly sorted and easy to look through; however, all the labels can be viewed at the bottom of the blog. The Pride and Prejudice Wardrobe button has been changed to fit the side bars better. The awards section is still in the same spot as before.

And since my first layout was so well loved, I have documented it in this post!

Page Headers
Before: The title of the page would be similar to a regular blog post. There wasn't anything fancy before the introduction (excepting the Review Index, which had a banner at the top).
Now: All pages have a decorative banner at the top of the page (except the Banner page, Pattern Library, and the About Page).
Review Page
Before: There was only one banner on the page at the top. Period Dramas were filed under text that read "TV Series", "Miniseries", "Movies" and "Comics".
Now: A new banner was made and put up and instead of the text headings for the different types of media (TV Series, Miniseries, etc.), there are now banners with pictures and decorative text.

Recommended Period Dramas

Before: A page that at the beginning of Elegance of Fashion, I had some period dramas that I liked, but never updated much afterwards.
Now: A more current page of my absolute favorite period dramas and a description of why I like the different period dramas listed on that page and some information about each one.


And, since this is kind of a big event at Elegance of Fashion, I have made a couple of more goodies for you to look at and use on your blog! Blog Buttons, Banners, and some other little Extras to put on your blog if you wish! Have a look at the Banners, Blog Buttons, and Extras pages! But here's a little preview of the goodies. Make sure you check the Banners, Blog Buttons, and Extras page.

I made two banners which are both right here!
Tasha from History Back in Time suggested a Downton Abbey banner

Blog Buttons
I've made 10 new Blog Buttons! Here are three of them as a little preview!


And I Have a Signature!
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

And in addition to all of this, I now have a little signature picture at the end of my posts (though I think I'll keep the signiture off for the reviews).

And this is also my 200th post!
Thank you everyone for being so supportive and for reading my blog!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I LOOOOVE the new header!! All the graphics are amazing!!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! The changes are bit and beautiful! I love all of them! The images you make are lovely! And I love all of the new buttons and banners. Your signature is also very pretty Miss Elizabeth! Congratulations on 200 posts! Here's looking forward to 200 more! :)

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  3. Thank you everyone!

    -Miss Elizabeth Bennet (Elegance of Fashion)
    (Blogger won't let me comment as me again...)

  4. This is all so stunning! I love the new look! You're header and background are both lovely and they go well together. And the new banners and blog buttons are just as lovely!

  5. It looks gorgeous, I love everything! Great work. The image/header at the top is lovely!

  6. The new layout looks really nice, though I do confess to liking the old one a lot.
    Just thought you'd like to know that I have one of your banners on the bottom of my blog and one of the 'extras' at the 'Books I Like' page.
    -Miss Georgiana

  7. Beautiful and congrats on the 200th post!

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Miss Georgiana,
    Thank you for adding my banner and extras!

  9. Congrats on 200 posts! I've enjoyed them. :) I love the S&S banner...and the Downton Abbey one is also very pretty, though I haven't seen the movie. Overall: I like the layout now! Awesome header. :)


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