Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working on Some Big Changes!

I've been busy the past few days working on some changes to Elegance of Fashion. I've felt for a while now that I needed to change up Elegance of Fashion a little bit. Don't worry, I'm not changing anything in the way my blog is run: there are still going to be reviews, tournaments, banners, etc. I'm just trying to make everything look nicer and neater. I'm planning on some awesome changes, so stay tuned for some exciting new things! I'll announce when I'm going to release these changes.


  1. I'm sure it'll be wonderful. :) I look forward to seeing it all! Oh...but please don't change the header...unless you really want to, of course. :) But I love your header. I'm currently working on getting an Austenitis one similar to it. But a little different here and there.

  2. Charity,
    I've actually just completed a new header last night, but I think I'm going to have a picture of the old (current) header in a post so that everyone could look back on it.

  3. I'm sure the new one will be neat. :) I love how you make your own things!

    You don't mind, do you, if I have one similiar to it? It won't be identical, but something along the same lines. :) Let me know if you'd rather I did something totally different.

  4. Charity,
    I don't mind. I can't wait to see how it looks! :-)

  5. But....I like your blog! o.o

  6. Melody,
    Don't worry. Most of the content is still going to be the same. I'm just making layout changes and some page changes. It'll look great! Plus, I think I'm going to make a post of the past layout so it's not forgotten. :-)


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