Monday, May 9, 2011

Tournament: Round 2

Round 2 of The Period Drama Hero Tournament is up! Here are the polls!

Since he had the most votes in Round 1, Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) has immunity in Round 2 and immediately qualifies for Round 3.

Poll 1

Westley (Princess Bride)
John Thornton (North and South)
James Percy (The Inheritance)

Poll 2

George Knightley (Emma)
Septimas Harding (The Barchester Chronicles)
John Chivery (Little Dorrit)

Poll 3

Arthur Clennam (Little Dorrit)
Gabriel Cochrane (Lark Rise to Candleford)
Sir Percy Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Poll 4

Nicholas Nickelby (Nicholas Nickelby)
Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey)
St. John Rivers (Jane Eyre)

Poll 5

Captain Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion)
Theodore "Laurie" Laurence (Little Women)
Dr. Frank Harrison (Cranford)

Poll 6

Edward Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility)
Silas Marner (Silas Marner)
Robert Timmins (Lark Rise to Candleford)

Poll 7

Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)
Robert Martin (Emma)
Philip "Pip" Pirrip (Great Expectations)

Poll 8

Thomas Holbrook (Cranford)
Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables)
Charles Carson (Downton Abbey)


  1. OOOOO!!!! It's here! Round 2! I should post about this. :) The fifth and seventh ones are hardest... :P

  2. Round 2 is unveiled! It wasn't so hard to vote for this round's polls. Each poll had one hero who stood out for me. I'm so glad Mr. Darcy will make it to round three, though I'm sure that was presumable.

  3. Okay, I'm going to do with other people do and write as I vote...;-)

    Yay Mr Darcy!
    Poll 1 - I have to go for Thornton, although I really liked James Percy, especially in the book.
    Poll 2 - not hard, Mr Knightley of course. :)
    Poll 3 - Go Mr Clennem!
    Poll 4 - Mr Tilney (one of my favorite quotes was said by him!)
    Poll 5 - Hmm...I have to go for Wentworth. I liked Laurie at the beginning, but by the end...well... And Dr. Harrison is fine and well, but he's no Jane Austen hero.
    Poll 6 - Edward all the way
    Poll 7 - Col. Brandon
    Poll 8 - Go Gilbert!!

    I am rather sad Prof. Bhaer didn't make it. :( Westly...well...he's not real enough. haha I'm sad Roger Hamley didn't make it...he was pretty close.

  4. I had this suspision that Mr. Darcy might win this tournament, since Lizzy won the heroine tournament. I'm still rooting for Mr. Knightley because I like him best.
    These pairings are great! I think these polls were even more interesting to vote in than the first round! Can't wait to see the results for this!

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  5. Man!!! The Last poll is so hard!!!
    Gibert Blythe or Charles Carson?
    Gibert Blythe or Charles Carson?
    Gibert Blythe or Charles Carson?
    Gibert Blythe or Charles Carson?
    I think ill go with Charles Carson.


  6. Some of those polls were so hard, there are just too many great heroes!

    Go Henry Tilney!

  7. Miss Laurie, I'm convinced that Darcy or Knightley will win in the end...the only question is which one. I'm guessing Darcy...but K wouldn't shock me. Then again, maybe it will be a real shocker! Like Gilbert. Oh, surely not. Nope, not possible.

  8. Oh now Charity, let's not go critisizing Gilbert. ;-) I liked him before I'd ever even heard of this Mr Darcy (who, incidentally, seems to perfectly match Anne's ideal).
    I agree....Mr Darcy will probably win, but Mr Knightley has a good chance as well. :) (Mr Knightley was Jane Austen's favorite, I read.)

  9. 1. John Thornton
    2. Mr. Knightley
    3. Sir Percy Blakeney
    4. Henry Tilney
    5. Capt. Wentworth
    6. Edward Ferrars
    7. Colonel Brandon
    8. Gilbert Blythe -- I love his constant devotion to Anne, but Mr. Holbrook is just as constant... but I met Gilbert first so my vote goes to him. Thank heavens Capt. Wentworth wasn't in this one too! ;)

    I'm actually not too fond of Mr. Darcy, although I'd understand it if he won-- he's so very popular.

  10. Melody, I like Gilbert just fine. In fact, he's a favorite of mine. BUT can you imagine him beating Mr. Darcy AND Mr. Knightley and Mr. Thornton? I can't. :)

  11. Percy, Percy, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!

    Ok, I know it's going to be an Austen hero. Sniff. They always hog everything. :-D

    But I'd love to see Percy get *at least* in the finals (if not win...even though I *know* that's not going to happen)! :-) Sigh...I can dream, right???


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