Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ordering Fabric Online?

Finally, I'll be able to get back to my sewing again! Hopefully this summer I'll be able to finish the projects that I've been working on (and post pictures!).

I've been wondering how people feel about ordering fabric online. I never tried to order fabric online: I am a little skeptical. I know it's best to inspect the fabric before you buy it (to make sure it's what you want), but sometimes when I go to JoAnn Fabrics and I can't find what I want. I almost want to consider buying fabric online, but I'm still very hesitant to do so. So I was wondering:

1. How do you feel about ordering fabric online? Has it been a positive experience for you or negative?

2. Where do you look for fabric online? Any particular websites?

3. Do you usually find what you are looking for?

4. When you buy fabric at a brick and mortar store, where do you usually shop?

5. Are there any tips that you could offer to anyone buying fabric online? Or even in a regular store?

If you would like to answer these questions, please leave a comment. I would also like to do another post about what some of your comments are in case other readers might be wondering the same thing I am: I'll give you credit and a link back to your blog.

Thank you!

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