Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Banner!

Made another banner awhile ago! What do you think?

This banner was suggested by Tasha from History Back in Time.


  1. Thank you soooo much!!! That was so thoughtful!!!
    No one has never done anything as nice for me in my life!! Thanks!


  2. You know, I'm a little weird, but I actually like it despite never having seen the movie and only read 3/4 of the book! I don't know why I do...but I do! Therefore, you definitely did a good job. :)

    Oh, btw, when does Round 3 come up? Or wait...the "bring-someone-back" round is next, correct? Looking forward to it!

  3. Tasha,
    You're welcome!

    Charity U,
    The Wild Card Round I'm going to put up today.

  4. This banner is lovely! You did such a great job with the images and the text! Have I mentioned I really like what you do with images (banners, buttons, etc.)? They are so lovely!
    I've only watched that Oliver Twist once and this banner has definitely inspired me to re-watch it very soon! Also I need to review it and that gives me another idea... ;)

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  5. I think the only Oliver Twist I've ever seen is the Wishbone version. haha ;-) I'll have to see what versions they have and get one from the library...

  6. I thought of an idea for a P&P banner...if you were doing the 3 picture thing, it could have the outside of Pemberly, Lizzy when she looks out the window, and then the 'fine prospect down towards the lake' that she was looking at, and say her quote: "And of all this I might have been mistress!". ;-)

  7. Melody,
    Great idea! I just might have the pictures for it too!


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