Monday, February 7, 2011

Lydia Bennet's Patterned Spencer

Lydia, like Kitty, seems to wear this spencer a lot. Sometimes she is shown with this spencer and a red cape (but more on the red cape later)

Front View: There's a fold down collar and three silver buttons on this spencer. It looks to me like the lace coming out of the collar is a part of the spencer.

Closer Front View: You get a better view of the lace coming out of the collar.

Side View: There might be a little bit of a "puff" to the sleeve, but it's not too big. Maybe it was slightly gathered.

Back View: This was the best picture I had of the back. It doesn't look like a typical Regency back (looking like there is only one piece to it), but it could just be the picture quality...

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