Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elizabeth Bennet's Lucas Lodge Dress

We first see this dress on Elizabeth when the Bennets go to Lucas Lodge for a party. This dress is also worn by Elizabeth at the Philips's home and at Rosings.

Front Views: I included both these pictures because the sleeves looked slightly different in each: the first has the arm straight while the second has the arm bent (notice the folds). The dress appears to have two parts: a green, short sleeved underdress and a transparent overdress which has a V-neck to show the green underdress. Along the V-neck, it looks like there is a double layer of fabric (with lace?) as decoration; this double layer of fabric also appears to be slightly gathered while the rest of the bodice is ungathered. I also noticed some whitework or white embroidery on the skirt of the overdress.

Side View: Here you see more details of the sleeve. There are three seams (pleats?) towards the end of the sleeve along with some whitework or lace.

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