Friday, February 4, 2011

Elizabeth Bennet's Blue Spencer

The first outfit of Elizabeth's that we see in the first scene, this blue spencer is seen throughout the miniseries. It is always paired with a white dress, but there are two different bonnets that are worn with this spencer. I would say that this spencer seems to be worn during cooler summer days/warmer autumn days.

Front/Partial Side View: There seem to be three parts to the sleeve: the main. long sleeve, a shorter sleeve that goes on top, and lastly the zig-zag decoration that goes on top of the short sleeve.

Back Views: Looks similar to how Regency era dresses look in the back with the back piece.

Close up of the front: I included this picture so you could see the buttons that were hidden behind the bonnet ribbon.


  1. It's funny how Georgiana and Elizabeth almost match in that scene!

  2. Love the sleeves. :) Very nice colour as well.

  3. Lovely post! This is the outfit which I recreated for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath back in 2009. I did a near replica of the movie costume, and you can see pictures here:

    And you're right, Melissa! I think they intentionally had the two girls were very similar outftits.

    Happy sewing!


  4. I love all Elizabeth's dresses and so on, but this is my favourite spencer. The bonnet she wears in the first scene matches it beautifully!!


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