Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wishbone: Pride and Prejudice

As a kid, I used to watch the TV show Wishbone. I loved that show. I recalled a while ago that there was a Pride and Prejudice episode, and when I searched for it on YouTube, there it was!

Wishbone was a series during the 90's about a Jack Russell Terrier of the same name who lived with his owner, Joe, and Joe's mother, Ellen. As something would happen between Joe and his friends, Wishbone would be reminded of a classic work of literature. The episodes would shift back and forth between the modern story and the classic literature story.

While the Pride and Prejudice episode (called "Furst Impressions") was a condensed version of Pride and Prejudice and the costumes weren't all that great (let's face it, BBC has spoiled me: lol!) , I would still say it's good to introduce children into the world of Jane Austen. Below is part one of the episode; the other two parts are also on YouTube.

Part 2
Part 3

I hope I brought back some great memories of your childhood! :-)


  1. Sounds interesting. I'll watch it when I have time!

  2. I awarded you!

  3. AAHhh! I was going to do a post about that sometime, and you beat me to it!! I love Wishbone. He's funny. ;-) And seeing a dog doing English Country Dancing is very interesting...

    Did you know they also made one of Northanger Abbey? It's called "Pup Fiction" and is also on YouTube. :-)

  4. Charity U,
    Thank you so much!

    I remember that one! I think that was the first place that I've heard of Northanger Abbey.

  5. I loved Wishbone! I used to watch it every single day when I was a little girl. It was a terrific way to expose kids to great literature -- even now, I consider myself a little bit better-educated every time I read something that Wishbone covered. :-)

    My sister and I were just talking about this episode yesterday, in fact, because we're watching the BBC "Pride and Prejudice" for the first time, and we enjoyed comparing the dashing Wickham on the BBC with the whiny, self-pitying Wickham on Wishbone! :-)

    Thanks for posting this!!

    Love in Christ,

  6. Vicki,
    Thank you for your comment! I know; Wickham was really whiny in Wishbone! Not quite the "my life is not so bad now" Wickham in the BBC one. :-D


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