Friday, January 7, 2011

House of Eliott

My mom and I started watching this series from the early 90's called The House of Eliott.

It's really interesting. It's about these two sisters, Beatrice and Evangeline Eliott (also known as Bea and Evie), who, after their father died and left them no money, have to go into business in order to make a living. They have only their sewing skills and their love of fashion. They open up a fashion house called The House of Eliott, where they make dresses for women. Throughout the series, the sisters have to work through scandal and deal with things that go on in a business.

The costumes in here are very nice! 1920's era dresses are featured and some of the headdresses that are worn are very pretty.

You might also recognize a few of the actresses as you watch through the series. Bea is played by Stella Gonet, who you might recognize as Mrs. Musgrove from Persuasion (2007). Louise Lombard, who plays Evie, is in the TV series CSI. In a couple of episodes, Elizabeth Garvie, who was in the 1980s version of Pride and Prejudice, was Lady Elizabeth Montford. Phyllida Law  was in an episode; you might recognize her from the Gwenyth Paltrow Emma and as the mother of Sophie Thompson (Miss Bates from the same Emma) and Emma Thompson (Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility).
It's a really interesting series. I might review it at some point. I haven't watched all of it yet (I'm almost at season 3), so it might be a while before I review it. There is some suggestive language and one scene in one episode that was a little mature, but the scene was very brief.

This series really holds your attention as you watch through the episodes. There are three seasons in total, which you can buy separately or in one collection.


  1. I've never heard of it! However, it sounds interesting. :) I really don't like that turban thing in the last picture...maybe it's just not my style. :)

  2. This series sound interesting, I think I've heard of this before but didn't know much about it. Thanks for posting about this!

  3. Yes, I think flapper dresses can be quite nice and elegant. It's a good series. A golden oldie. :)


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