Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something I noticed...

I was watching Pride and Prejudice just now when I noticed something very peculiar...

Look at Miss Bingley's left glove by the palm of her hand... is that a hole I see?

I never noticed this before! Apparently Miss Bingley can't afford new gloves or she saving them for some reason? (I'm kidding, of course) I don't believe that hole was apart of the design of the glove. Has anyone else noticed this before?

It's kind of funny: I've seen this miniseries many, many times and this is the first time I noticed this. It's interesting to notice something that you've never seen before. What other movies/miniseries/TV shows have you watched many times and noticed something that you've never seen before?

Edit: The hole is apart of the design of the glove. I noticed the same thing on Elizabeth's glove. Thank you Rebecca Jane for the insight on the glove style :-).


  1. that's probably how the glove was made. I've seen several gloves that button up to the wrist leaving a smallish hole.

    good eye, though :)

  2. Rebecca Jane,
    Now that you meantion it, I noticed the same thing on Elizabeth's glove. I never knew that gloves were made that way. Interesting... :-) Thanks for the fact!

  3. How interesting! I never noticed that!

  4. I'd never noticed it either, until you put up this post. Then I glanced at the picture and went WHOA! Look at that! I 'll bet EoF noticed that too!

  5. I know! I was just watching Pride and Prejudice and I got to that part, and I had to do a double-take. I thought it was a mistake on the part of the costume-designer that they didn't notice a hole in the glove (and a big hole), but when Rebecca Jane said something, I went back to that scene and noticed that other women had the same hole in their gloves. I never knew that gloves were made that way.


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