Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sense and Sensibility Comic Book

Today, I went to Borders with my grandmother and father to browse the books. Suddenly a thought popped into my head and I walked over to the graphic novel section, and to my delight my thought was justified.

This was what I bought this evening. I remembered reading about Sense and Sensibility the comic book a couple of months ago. For Christmas last year, my brother gave me Pride and Prejudice the comic book which I enjoyed, so when I heard they were going to make a comic book for Sense and Sensibility, I was very excited. I've only started, but I will say that it is very good; as much as I loved the 1995 movie, they left out some scenes that I would have liked to see. Those scenes seem to be included in here so far, so I am pretty happy! :-D

I might possibly review this at a later time.


  1. I would love to see you review it! I haven't seen it in any stores, but neither have I looked for it, so. Would love to hear more!

  2. It's really good! I'm a little more than halfway done, so soon I'm hoping to review it.


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