Monday, November 1, 2010

Poll Closed and Update


I hope all is well with you all. I'm combining this post as an update and an announcement about the poll.

First on the agenda, the poll. The poll at the side is now closed. To the question "Which is your favorite historical fashion period?":

50% of voters said the Regency Era
30% said the Victorian Era
Tied with 10% was the Gregorian Era and Modern Era

No one voted for the Renaissance or earlier or the early 1900s. Thank you everyone for voting! I'll put up a new poll very soon. If you wish to see the graph, I will also leave that up for a little while.

Now for the update. I'm still continuing to work on reviews each week. They'll mostly be posted on Monday or Tuesday (though I will try for Monday most of the time). I have quite a bit of period dramas to review, but I'm also continuing to watch new ones (which I will eventually review).

I am also working on a new sewing project: a dress to wear to a formal event. Hopefully all will go well with it with the least amount of mistakes possible.

Also, remember to suggest your friends or anyone that might be interested in my blog. I would really appreciate it.

Until next time!

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