Friday, October 15, 2010

Regency Apron

If you remember, about a week ago, I posted a sneak preview of my next sewing project. Did anyone guess right?

Well, to reveal what it is... here it is!

Tada! It's a Regency Era Apron! This was made out of ivory colored cotton. I used the pattern Butterick 5509, view D.

Side View
Back View
 I made this pattern within a couple of weeks (I took a week off of sewing because I was a little busy). I had fun working on it (as I do with most of my sewing projects).

Here we have a close-up of the back ties. The ties are not pre-tied: they can be adjusted to fit anyone.

Here is the close-up of the front bodice. There is some gathering along the bodice and skirt.

Meanwhile, I think I'm getting a little better with hemming neatly!
And, of course, what would a Regency Apron be without a Regency dress? Well, an apron.

So, there's my new apron. I'll have to start my next project soon, so in the meantime, enjoy the apron and the period drama reviews!


  1. Sweet! I like it! You are an excellent seamstress. And before you try to deny that...I'm comparing you to myself. (-;


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