Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Event Dress

My apologies for the long wait for this update. I have been busy in the last couple of weeks.

Onto the dress. The sneak preview that I mentioned earlier with the two fabrics, the secret is now out. This dress was intended for a family gathering. It was made with Simplicity 2692. It is a simple, blue dress.


Here are the front, back, and side views of the dress. It's an asymetrical, tea length dress. The one side has a tied strap, while the other has a regular strap. There is a zipper at one of the sides of the dress.

Here is the bodice. It is gathered along the bottom of the bodice and on the regular strap.

Here you can see the lining. It is lined in a white lining material in the bodice, midsection, and skirt.

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